What kinds of products do you have and where do you get them?
We work with hundreds of suppliers that offer hundreds of thousands of items. Just about anything you can think of is available as a promotional product, plus a lot of things you probably never thought of.

Can you get me a product I’ve seen elsewhere?
Almost always. Please provide as much information about it as possible, including where you saw it and (if possible) a sample.

Can you help me figure out what product to use?
There are a lot of choices available, and we will work with you to determine what’s best for your project. We have a wide variety of samples and catalogs on hand, and can obtain more within a few days.

How many do I need to order?
We can do orders for just one piece, although for most items that gets expensive. Once we know what kind of project you’re doing, we will work with you to figure out the most appropriate quantity. The more you order, the less each one costs.

Do you do personalization?
Yes! We can provide items with just personalization (a different name, initials, or other logo on each piece), or with personalization and a common logo.

Can I order items without an imprint?

What if I want items made in the USA? Can you supply them?
Yes we can – just ask!

I am concerned about the environment. Can you get products that are ecologically friendly?
Yes, we have many eco-friendly promotional products such as recycled, biodegradable and organic items.

Are your plastic bottles BPA free?
Yes, all our plastic bottles are free of Bisphenol A.


Can you use my logo?
Maybe – we have to see it. In order to look good on an item a logo needs to be prepared with sufficient detail and in specific file formats. In some cases we will need to recreate the logo.

What if I don’t have a logo?
We love designing logos! Whether you know exactly what you want or don’t have a clue, we’ll be happy to work with you to come up with the right logo for your project. We start by talking about your theme, likes, and dislikes, and create a variety of approaches that we provide for your review. Based on your feedback we continue to refine the logo until it’s just right.

Can the logo have more than one color?
Yes, but there will usually be additional costs. Also, some items can’t be decorated with multiple colors.

How big can my logo be?
The available imprint area varies from item to item, but we’ll work with you to get the best results for your project. One thing to keep in mind when ordering clothing in a range of sizes is that the logo will be the same size on all the pieces, so it will look much larger relative to the item on (for example) a child’s shirt versus an adult’s shirt.

Do I need to pay for the logo?
Yes there is a fee for our working with you to create an original logo which you will be able to use for other purposes. However, if we design a logo for you and you choose to go elsewhere to have it printed, there is an art charge to release the logo file.

What can (and can’t) be in my logo?
The logo can include pretty much anything, subject to the space available and the need for it to be legible. The big exception is trademarks – symbols and lettering owned by a business or organization (like Nike, Disney, or the NFL). Unless you’re doing a project for the owner of the trademark, it can’t be used.

How is the logo put on the product?
There are a wide variety of decoration methods available depending on the product, and often multiple options for a given item. The most common are silkscreen printing and embroidery. The various methods have advantages and disadvantages in terms of appearance, cost, and ability to accommodate multiple colors and more complex designs, and we can discuss the pros and cons of each as they apply to a specific project.

Can my order include pieces in more than one color?
Yes! There isn’t any extra charge if you’d like an order to include (for example) 20 shirts in green and 10 in blue. However, there will be a charge if you want to use different ink colors (such as black on the green shirts and white on the blue shirts).


How long does it take?
The time from your first contact with DeeJ Design to when you can hold your finished product depends on two things – how long it takes to determine the item and design and how long it takes to imprint and deliver the product. We will work with you to meet the deadline for your event, but in general it’s preferable to allow as much time as possible for a new order. Some items are available more quickly if time is short.

How much does it cost?
It depends on the project – the item, the quantity, and how it’s decorated. It’s hard to generalize, but we always make sure customers are fully informed of the costs before we order anything made.

When do I need to pay?
If you are a new customer, we will need a deposit for 50% of the order value before we order items imprinted. The order must be paid in full at pickup or prior to delivery. We will extend payment terms to established customers.

I only have a limited budget. Can you still help me?
Yes! There are lots of options available for products that provide a big impact without a big price tag.

What if I need more pieces?
Reorders can sometimes be done at a reduced cost since some of the upfront charges don’t need to be paid again, and the lead time will be less since the design is already done (but item charges are subject to change). However, a reorder for a small number of pieces (such as twelve additional shirts after an order for 50) will often mean extra charges. It’s better to slightly over-estimate the quantity for the original order and avoid the risk of being short.

How do I know what clothing sizes to order?
For event give-a-ways that will need to be in a variety of sizes, it’s usually best to wait until the RSVP date to determine the final quantity and mix of sizes. However, the item selection and logo design can take place earlier, enabling us to submit the order in enough time for the items to be produced.

Where are you located?
DeeJ Design is based in Westchester County (New York), but we have clients across the country.

Do we need to meet?
Not at all – we can communicate by telephone and/or email. If you’d like to see product samples I can send them to you. However, if you are in the Westchester area it can be convenient to meet in person so you can see products and select the right item in the right color with the right imprint for your needs.

How does the product get to me?
It can be shipped directly to you or to your event, or can be picked up at our office.


Where can I reach you?
Email is best (DeeJDesign@optonline.net) but you can also call us at (914) 330-5765.

Do you work with non-profit organizations?
Yes! We’ve worked with (among others) schools, museums, religious organizations, and hospitals. Just provide your tax ID prior to billing so we know not to charge sales tax.

Why should I work with DeeJ Design?
• Personal attention
• Innovative design
• Creative solutions
Or just read the testimonials from our customers!

How should I get started?
Call or email us!